Globalisation the process whereby countries, cultures and people are becoming increasingly interconnected – is bringing about radical changes in our world. The discussion being conducted the world over about the benefits and blights of globalisation, for both rich countries and poor, now (finally) seems to be reaching the population of the Netherlands. But what exactly is globalisation? And what exactly do all the technical terms involved, often derived from the field of economics, mean?

This accessible, independent guide explains the A to Z of globalisation, from A for Aandeelhouder (Shareholder) to Z for Zapatista. From institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO, to places such as Bretton Woods, Davos or Porto Alegre and phenomena that have come to be inextricably associated with globalisation, such as terrorism, climate change or migration – this encyclopaedic reference work gives a concise, objective and easy-to-understand definition of each entry. These also include subjects such as football, the internet and soap series.

The Globalisation Guide presents the facts and the major topics of discussion. For beginners and experts alike.

Evert Nieuwenhuis (1973) is a journalist specialising in the field of globalisation. He writes for major Dutch newspapers and magazines, suchs as NRC Handelsblad, de Volkskrant, Vrij Nederland, De Groene Amsterdammer and De Standaard.